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Teacher - Mother - Master's Student - Literacy Specialist - Learning Disability Advocate and Specialist - Microsoft Educator Expert

My name is Alana and I am a Perth based Teacher of over 14 years. I have taught a range of subjects and year levels but specialise in teaching students with a Learning Disorder such as Dyslexia or Dysgraphia.

If you have a child with a Learning Disability or Difficulty, I can help you navigate the future. I have many strategies that can be implemented in the classroom by your child's teacher as well as at home to support your child achieve the best outcomes possible.

I am a mother of two and understand the complexities of family life as well as the stress that can develop when a child is struggling in school.

I am passionate about educating students who struggle with schooling and as well as educating parents on their rights and options to support their child.

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What is a Learning Disability?

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A learning disability is defined as having difficulties in specific areas of academic achievement because of an underlying neurodevelopmental disorder

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A specific learning disorder with an impairment in written expression, also known as Dysgraphia

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A specific learning disorder with an impairment in reading, also known as Dyslexia

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A specific learning disorder with an impairment in mathematics, also known as Dyscalculia

What is the Law?

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Students adversely affected by learning disabilities are entitled under the Disability Discrimination Act, 1992 (DDA) to both a differentiated curricula and differentiated assessment.

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The aim of the DDA is to ensure that all students are provided with access to the curriculum and are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understandings, on the same basis as their peers. The Australian Disability Standards for Education (2005) provides guidance to teachers, school administrators and parents on their rights and responsibilities with respect to the DDA.

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How We Can I Make a Difference?

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Online Courses

I have a range of courses that can help you and your child access the learning materials required for school.



I can meet with you and your family to develop a plan to best support your child at school. I can also meet with your child's teachers to develop a plan or run PD for staff to further develop their understanding.


I offer tutoring for all ages specialising in educating students with Learning Disabilities or Difficulties.

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Online Courses (Currently Unavailable)

Access for All

Suitable for all ages and abilities

I have developed a number of online courses to teach you and your child how to use all the accessibility features available in the Microsoft suite.

These courses aren't just for students who struggle with their learning but will help all students achieve highly in school.

Prices range from $19 - $49 offering a much more affordable option than consulting or tutoring.

Follow link here to be taken to your courses

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I am available to consult with you and your family, school and teachers to develop an appropriate plan to ensure your child is catered for accordingly. I can:

  • Meet with you and your family to develop a learning plan for school and home.
  • Meet with your child's teacher's to develop an appropriate plan that will help them access the curriculum.
  • Run Professional Development for your child's school on Learning Disabilities and how the school can support your child.
  • Educate industry leaders, instructions and workplaces on Learning Disabilities and how it can affect a child day to day.

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Intervention Program tutoring available

I offer face to face tutoring in the following areas:

  • Sounds Write: Literacy Intervention Program for all ages
  • Reading: All ages
  • Comprehension: All ages
  • Mathematics: Years 1 - 7
  • English: Years 7-12
  • OLNA: Years 9-12

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Support for Adults with Learning Disabilities

If you are an adult with a Learning Disability and struggle with activities requiring literacy competency, post secondary school education or any other task, I can also offer help and guidance in all areas mentioned above.

I can help with literacy, numeracy and teach you how to use technology to improve your life.

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